Trying to Lose Weight? Why Not Try the Japanese Water Therapy Steps for It?

If you are on the heavier side of the weighing scale and trying to keep the digits down, what are your go-to methods to achieve it? If you have tried dieting, exercise and other ways of losing weight but haven’t found the best method for it, yet, then you’re in luck. This article will tell you all about the Japanese water therapy steps that will not only help you stay in shape but will also help become healthier and happier.

Japanese Water Therapy

We all know how vital water is to life. But with the Japanese, they take water therapy to the next level. They use it for just about everything, including weight loss and as a means for staying healthy and fit. And it has proven to be quite effective.

But what is Japanese water therapy, exactly?

  • The Japanese believe that most ailments start with an unhealthy gut. So, with water therapy, the digestive system is cleansed and improved. This is the essence of water therapy.
  • As a part of Japanese traditional medicine, people are recommended to drink water right after waking up in the morning as a part of water therapy.
  • And for effective weight loss, people should drink water in the early morning hours, which are considered the “golden hours”. Doing so helps smoothen the digestive system thereby promoting weight loss and also treating various health problems.

Specifically, this is what you should do when you decide to take on water therapy for weight loss and staying healthy:

  1. Drink 4 to 6 glasses of water on an empty stomach right after waking up. Water should be at room temperature or lukewarm.
  2. Brush your teeth after drinking water and avoid food or any beverage for 45 minutes. Then you can continue with your usual routine.
  3. You can start water therapy with 1 glass of water in the morning and gradually increase it as your body adapts.

Doing these steps helps cure diseases, keeps you fit and healthy, and aids in your weight loss journey.

But be sure to couple it with at least an hour of exercise daily, such as walking, and a balanced diet. This will make your water therapy even more effective.

Thank the Japanese for an easy, yet impressive, a way of staying healthy and fit. And if you want to read more about life, in general, and about relationships, check our other articles at Dazzling Whimsy. Visit this blog and you will surely learn a lot.