Things You Need to Know About The Employee Monitoring Program

Since many employers today are making use of monitoring programs in their companies, workers are asking about their rights when it comes to employee monitoring invasion of privacy. Are their rights being violated when bosses monitor their activities in the workplace? Or is it the employers’ right to keep track of everything they do?

And what else do employees need to know about this kind of software?

Let us learn more about computer and cell phone monitoring of employees in the workplace through this article.

Employee Monitoring Program

It is not surprising how monitoring apps have become quite popular in the field of business. The benefits it brings are numerous. And many employers want to take advantage of its positive effects.

Of course, there are also downsides to using monitoring apps. But when it comes to which outweighs what, the benefits clearly win. This is why even with a number of opposition towards the utilization of such tools in offices and in different business establishments, employers still give it the green light.

So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of monitoring apps that we need to know?

Benefits of Employee Monitoring

  • It helps increase employee productivity.
  • It can improve administrative work, such as better budgeting and delegation of tasks.
  • It can prevent workplace problems like bullying and theft and can help identify slackers.
  • It can protect employees by monitoring whether safety practices and company rules are being followed.
  • It can track employees’ whereabouts during working hours, which will help the company protect them better.
  • It can provide better security of company assets from hackers and unauthorized access.
  • It can help evaluate employees’ performance, as well as the strategies used in completing projects.

Drawbacks of Employee Monitoring

  • It can make work more stressful for employees when they know they are being monitored.
  • It can cause trust issues and problems between employers and employees.
  • It can lead to legal issues.
  • It can be costly to test monitoring apps just to find out which one works the best.

Knowing what makes employers use the strategy of employee monitoring in their companies will make their workers understand the decision, and they will be more consenting with the act.

However, there are things that employees need to know about their rights when it comes to the use of employee monitoring apps.

  1. Employers need to inform workers about the use of monitoring apps and explain the reasons why.
  2. Employers need to get their employees’ consent before making use of any monitoring software.
  3. Business owners need to comply with the GDPR in order to use employee monitoring apps.
  4. Employees can request to see the data gathered on them by the monitoring device.
  5. When applicable, employees can ask for their data to be deleted.

It is an employers’ decision to utilize employee monitoring software in the company, but employees also have a say in the matter.

However, when all has been laid out, the fact that monitoring software benefits the employer, employee and the company, in general, is what’s most important. This alone will make everyone agreeable to the use of such technology in the workplace.

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