Online Dating Works For Seniors Too

Sometimes it might seem like online dating is only for Millennials and the younger generation but that’s not true. Adults over the age of 50 have double their use of online dating in the last few years. It just makes sense for older adults who are trying to find love and companionship to look online where they can draw from a larger pool of potential dates than they would be able to find otherwise. And many adults over 50 who are dating again because of divorce or the death of a spouse are turning to online dating on sites that cater specifically to older people. Since “gray divorce” or divorce after the age of 50 is increasing every year online dating makes it easier for people who have been married for decades to get back into the dating game.

Catfish Seniors

There are several online dating sites that cater specifically to those over 50. And for the most part, those sites are very effective. But there are some pitfalls to watch out for. Sometimes scammers will create profiles on senior dating sites trying to catfish seniors and scam them out of money. Every year seniors are losing thousands of dollars due to online dating scams. So if you have a senior relative that is trying online dating make sure that you show them how to avoid being scammed.

Notice Fake Sounding Profiles

After my dad died my mother wasn’t ready to spend the rest of her life alone. So I set up a profile for her on a senior dating site. Once the profile was up I would go over the matches with her so that I could point out any profiles that sounded fishy. After we did that a few times she started to catch on and notice fake sounding profiles herself. But as long as seniors are careful there’s no reason why they shouldn’t enjoy using senior dating sites to try and find companionship and love. My mother has been dating several men that she met on the online dating site. She’s not looking for a serious relationship so the casual dating suits her just fine. But there is definitely marriage minded seniors on those sites as well.

Just like with any online dating sites seniors who are using senior-specific sites should be careful not to give away their personal information to people that they are messaging with. They should also always talk to the person on the phone before meeting in person and set up a meeting in a public place. And just like the younger generation seniors should let a loved one or a friend know where they are meeting their date and all the information they have about the date just in case there is trouble or the date turns out to be someone other than who they said they were.

If you have a senior loved one that is lonely why not suggest that they try senior online dating? It’s a great way for seniors to find friends, companionship, and potentially even love.