New Year Resolutions to Become a Better Date in 2019

Dating in 2018 may have been a bust for you but the new year is approaching and the chance to start fresh is right around the corner. Resolutions are a good way to help you change behavior for the better. You just have to remember that it might take one resolution to solve your problem or several resolutions might be required. 2019 will pose a lot of challenges to people of dating age and here are some resolutions that you can adopt or just to get you started.

Dating Resolution 1: It’s All About Tech

We’re talking about a different type of tech aside from dating techniques. In a fast-paced world, daters have opted to change from conservative ways of dating to a modern one. More and more people are using apps to “meet online”. You can use dating apps like tinder, social media apps like Facebook or even games to search for your soulmate like Second Life. It’s all about using the tools that are already in your hands and to accept the fact that a lot of people will prefer a notification than a random greeting on the street.

Dating Resolution 2: Budget for that Date

One of the biggest mistakes for daters out there is to wing-it when it comes to dating. They wait to find someone and make a mad dash to schedule activities to get them closer. While you still have no one to pamper, consider keeping a budget for dates. That way you have a fund to dip into when needed, and she’ll find that you’re a very organized guy worth keeping.

Dating Resolution 3: Look Around You and Approach

While daters use apps, you might also want to look around you first. You might have missed that cute office mate you think you have no chance on but actually likes you and waiting for your move. Don’t be hypervigilant though, just play it cool and don’t look for signs that are not there. You could, however, issue invites for a drink in the bar or join that someone for lunch.

Dating Resolution 4: Leave 2018 Behind

If you have a lot of baggage from 2018, then it’s best to leave them behind. Experiences are used for learning, not for anchoring you to the past. Learn from those bad experiences and move forward to a better new year in dating.

Dating Resolution 5: Date Yourself First

Basically, just love yourself first. Understanding yourself will help you interact with other people. It’s knowing what you can do and what you can’t do that will help you in a date. Sometimes though, people forget another aspect in their life and that is what you can possibly do in the future. By dating yourself first, you might be surprised to find a charming guy underneath.

You can add more to your new year resolution list for 2019 if necessary. The important thing is to enjoy yourself, after all, it’s a celebration that we survived a year and looking forward to another year of life. While 2018 might be relatively loveless, 2019 may bring a future that’s uncertain but all the more makes it exciting.