Internet Dating Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know

Internet dating can be intimidating, but it really the best way to try and find a partner these days. But you need to know how to Internet date with safety in mind because it really can be dangerous if you don’t take some simple precautions. By now you already know the basics: don’t let the date pick you up, always meet in public and so on. But I’m here to give you some insider tips that I’ve learned about staying safe when you’re Internet dating. If all my advice fails, then the next step is to install an Android spy app on the new beaus phone.

These are the safety rules I’ve learned from a couple of years of Internet dating (before I found Tom, of course):

Don’t Accept A Drink From Anyone But The Bartender Or Waitstaff

You might be surprised at how many women have ended up having their drinks drugged on a date. It seems like a nice gesture when your date wants to get you a drink from the bar, but you should never give someone who isn’t an employee of the bar or restaurant access to your drink. If your date brings you a drink from the bar, you should “accidentally” spill it and then go get yourself a new one. Don’t take chances when it comes to something that you’re going to be eating or drinking, or with strangers in general. Don’t ever knock a good Android spy app.

If you don't trust your date, you may need to install an Android spy app later down the line.
Never accept a drink from a date.

Have Uber On Speed Dial

Sometimes you don’t have your own car, so make sure that you have the Uber or Lyft apps downloaded on your phone and an account set up before you go on the date. If the date goes badly and you want to leave you don’t want to waste time downloading apps or setting up accounts. If you install the apps before the date you can just discreetly get an Uber and get out without a lot of drama.

Don’t Trust People Who Send Inappropriate Pics

Sending an inappropriate pic through a dating site uninvited is a sure sign that the person doing it isn’t going to respect your boundaries. So no matter how perfect the person seems, if they are sending you inappropriate pics within minutes of messaging you, block them and move on. You don’t need to waste your time on anyone like that.

Don’t Be Embarrassed To Tell People You Need Help

Sometimes dates go bad, and sometimes they go so badly that you need to flee the situation. When that happens, don’t be embarrassed to ask the waitstaff, the barista or other employees where the date is for help. Almost all waitstaff at restaurants and coffee shops will be happy to help you. They’ve seen plenty of dates go bad. Discreetly approach your waiter or waitress, or the host or the hostess, and explain that you need to make a hasty retreat. They will often happily cover for you while you get out or let you out the employee entrance. Once, I ended up sitting in the employee break room while the waiter got rid of my drunk and abusive date. Always ask for help if you’re in a bad situation.

Once the date moves past the good point, and you are officially dating, I do recommend adding an Android spy app to his phone if you are concerned about him and his habits. Just sayin’. And if you need to end the relationship, I can help you through that.